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Our "latest" Outreach Project - "Hunger Fight"

Sandy Pond & Tressa Dishman

Loretta Baldwin

Deanna Howard, President

Loretta Baldwin

Becky Thomas

Kathy Eisele

Valerie Sweat, President

Fr. Gary

Beth Boyd

Ron Sweat

Carmen Faulkner

Jeff Boyd

Bob & Bronwyn Benoit

Jane McPherson, Webmaster






St. Barnabas Parish Members, Jeff & Beth Boyd, Sandy Pond, Catherine Pond, Terry Eason, Michelle Snow and Tressa Dishman were joined by Getaway Sams' Joe Mehrtens at the 2018 Hunger Fight Event.  This year the event was held at the Blue Cross Conference Center on Deerwood Campus Parkway, with us working the early shift from 8 to 10:30 a.m.  

Thanks to some assistance from two young ladies who attend Englewood High School, we managed to pack 12 boxes - each containing 42 bags, of Oatmeal Breakfast for a total of 504 bags.

Brookview Elementary School
In August 2014, St. Barnabas "adopted" Brookview Elementary School to be the recipient of back packs, school supplies, etc., in an ongoing Outreach to the St. John's Bluff community.   Pictured here in the blue St. Barnabas shirts are Tressa Dishman (L) and Loretta Baldwin (R) with the principal and office staff of Brookview Elementary School.  This was their second delivery of school supplies for children attending this school.  Two cases of back packs in their school colors and more on the way.  A happy occasion for all!

"Feed His Sheep" in-house food pantry ministry
St. Barnabas will endeavor to keep on hand non-perishable grocery items, etc. to give to who knocks at our door with a need.  We ask for gas cards, fast food gift certificates (McDonalds, Golden Corral, Burger King, etc.) and grocery gift cards in small denominations as well as "on hand" grocery items to stock our pantry.

St. Barnabas Coffee Hour Ministry Gang


St. Barnabas Altar Guild - 2021

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